'V' Grooving Machine

Our conveyor type etching machine is designed to handle large-scale production and is commonly used in industries such as electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, metalworking, and printed circuit board (PCB) production. It offers an efficient and automated solution for high-volume etching processes.


'V' Grooving Machine

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This machine is used for "V' Grooving on P.C.B. Multi cutter PCB V-Scoring Machine for Aluminum and Normal CCL

Technical Features

Panel Thickness : 0.8 to 3.2
Cutter Cooling :Water Soluble Oil Through Pump.
Body Structure :SS304 and Ms Plate Profile.
Weight : 210kg
Overall Size: 650 x 650 x930
Lubricant Option for Metal PCB with Pump.
Tool Box For Cutter Setting.
Easy Setting With Spacers.
Model ME-230
Operation Semi-Automatic
Power 440V , 50Hz, 3 Phase
Cutters Type 51 x 40 T x 2.4 -30 Deg
Cutter Shaft Drive 1.5 kw
Conveyor Rollers Nitrile Rubber, 8 Nos,
Roller Speed 0-6 Mtrs/Min
Conveyor Motor 3 Phase, ½ HP -440 volts AC
Cutters 04 Nos
Scoring Pitch 04 Nos
Scoring Pitch 5mm – 380mm
Maximum Panel Width 360mm
Maximum Panel Length 1500mm
Minimum Panel Length 85mm
Panel Thickness 0.8 to 3.2
Cutter Cooling Water Soluble Oil Through Pump
Body Structure SS304 and Ms Plate Profile
Weight 210kg
Overall Size 650 x 650 x930